Thom’s Corsa A C20NE

Thom from the Netherlands is owner of this Opel Corsa A (Vauxhall Nova) since 2001. The Corsa was from origin a Sport with a C12NZ engine.

In the year 2006 he has done an engine swap to a C20NE engine. In 2009 Thom decided to do a complete restauration of the car. He has done a lot of bodywork repair to get the body as new. Also the wheel arches are 25mm wider (front and rear).




Past year we got some questions and discussed some options to use C20XE parts on the C20NE engine.

Well because we wanted to know if it could be done, Thom got the parts from CNT to test his idea. We must say, this engine runs great and what a very nice car.


Some specs from the car:

Engine & Gearbox:

  • C20NE
  • ECU: Motronic 2.5 from a C20XE Chipped by Rudy Hetterscheit
  • Flowed Cilinderhead
  • Irmscher inlet Manifold
  • DBilas Camshaft 276/280 degrees
  • DBilas Valve springs
  • Z20LET Oil pump
  • ACL Bearing
  • ARP Bolt
  • Ignition, knock sensor, Air Flow Sensor (LMM) etc from a C20XE
  • Zeitronic Wide-Lambda system
  • Oilcooler from a C20XE
  • Bigger Throttle Valve
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • F18CR Gearbox
  • Leichtbouw Motorsport conversion kit




  • Exhaust manifold from a C20XE
  • HJS racing Katalysator
  • 63mm RVS PowerSprint Exhaust system

Suspension Front:

  • Koni Yellow Shocks
  • Eibach Sportsline Springs -50mm
  • Bonrath Spring Caps (-10mm)
  • Powerflex bushes
  • GSI stabilization bar
  • Reinforced wishbones

Suspension Rear:

  • Koni Yellow Shocks
  • Eibach Sportsline Springs -50mm
  • Powerflex bushes
  • GSI stabilization bar



  • Front 288×25 – 4×100 (Vectra B)
  • Rear 260×10 – 4×100 (Astra F GSI)
  • Master Break Cylinder Kadett GSI (22mm)
  • Pressure Regulators 3/20 Astra F


  • Steinmetz ST1 (7.5J – 16“ ET37) Dunlop SP Sport 9000 (195-40-16)
  • OZ Racing (7J – 15“ – ET37) Toyo R888 (195-50-15)



  • Complete GSI (A3)
  • Racaro SR (leather and the original fabric)
  • Momo deep dish steering wheel
  • The original Opel Radio SC 203 J